Monday, 6 November 2017

Please Read These Tips On Buying A Car - You Will Be Glad You Read This

A car is normally most people’s second biggest investment after a house or flat or a piece of land. So when you decide to buy one, that decision has to be carefully thought out. 

In this day and age you cannot afford to make a mistake by buying what you don’t need. In this issue I want to look at what is practical and what makes sense when it comes to buying a vehicle.

While a buying car might appear to be a simple process it is more complex than it appears. A lot of men and women make daft decisions when it comes to buying a car. I am going to assist and make sure that the next time you buy a car you don’t buy a Porsche when what you really need is a Polo.

First of all, you need to be realistic and sensible. This may sound boring but after reading this and applying it you will realise that it was worth it. A car is just like an investment in a pair of Steve Madden heels. After wearing them for a few weeks they become boring despite the fact they cost US$200.

The scratches that develop make them less attractive and they appear worn out. My point is a car is not a good investment — period. You will spend rather than make money on a car.
Please Read These Tips On Buying A Car - You Will Be Glad You Read This
So the question you need to address is whether you need a new car or you hang onto your old on that takes you from A to B. If you need a new one then you need to have full knowledge of what you are buying.

Do not just buy a car because it is cute or because it has a lovely colour. There is no reason in buying a good-looking car that does not serve your purpose. You need to think like an accountant by making a clear and logical choice.

Establishing your needs is very important. Assuming that you have decided you need a new car, you have to sit down and figure out your requirement, thus narrowing down what you really want.

Do you have kids, pets or do you travel to the rural areas often where the roads are rugged and bumpy? These are some of the questions that will help you decide what sort of car to buy. For instance, if you have kids a two-door sports car is a no. You also need to sit down and draw up a shopping list just as you do when going to a supermarket.

Cars cost a whole lot more than a box of cereal, so you definitely don’t want to make mistakes.
You itemise everything from how much you want to spend to specific features that you want.

You then list the cars with all those features and fall in the same price range, after that you do a comparison of each and every car on your list to see which one satisfies or is closest to your budget and the features that you want.

It is also important to ask about financing options, maintenance plans, fuel consumption and insurance costs. Remember that maintenance plans rule all the time. When buying a brand new car take into account the warranty and service plan options.

Read between the lines and get the dealer to explain to you what it entails and how it works.
When deciding which dealership to buy from, you need to look at their reputation in service and vehicle delivery.

If they have failed many then you cannot bank on them. When you settle on the dealership to buy from, ask for a test drive.
Ask as many questions the sales person as possible during the drive. This will help and making a final decision. Product knowledge is very critical at this stage. Finally, when committing, read all the fine print just as you do with any other contract,.

Stay away from unnecessary add-ons because they tend to increase your bill drastically. Before signing on the dotted line, check out all the terms and conditions that apply.

Do no hesitate to ask for clarity on anything that you do not understand. Till next week, be confident when shopping, after all it’s your money. God bless you.

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