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Maintenance Tips - Main Reasons Causing The Heating/AC System To Stop Working

It is not very uncommon to see faults with your car’s HVAC system, especially when it is old cars we’re talking about. It is not a rocket science to learn why your car’s heating or AC stop working. 

The reasons are pretty simple and understandable, and sometimes, you can even fix them at home. However, even of you cannot fox it yourself, learning about the reasons, can at least make you more aware of the symptoms. This, in turn, makes you more prepared.

Usually, when your car’s cooling or heating breaks down, it is accompanied by weird sounds or smells. However, it is not always that any conspicuous symptoms may manifest themselves. This is why, it is important to know the reasons for HVAC failure, so you can take due care of it.
Maintenance Tips - Main Reasons Causing The Heating/AC System To Stop Working
Top 5 Reasons Why Car Heating or AC Stop Working
There could be many reasons for it, but here are top 5 reasons why at all the heating or cooling systems of your car may go out of tune. Whether it’s manual cars or automatic, these 5 are most often the culprit.
Leakage from Seals or Hoses
Coolants and refrigerants that are present in the heating/cooling systems within sealed hoses are prone to leakage due to lack of maintenance. This is the most common cause of such failure. Though it is difficult to find leakage without taking a full view from beneath the car, you can check it while regular servicing. While checking your gas charge is also a good time for such diagnosis.

Maintenance Tip: Ask your service provider to check for such leaks during your scheduled car service. And, don’t skip it because there are a score of good reasons why you should not skip car 

Fault in Thermostat
There’s very thin chance that your car came with a manufacturing fault in the thermostat. The usual reason for such fault is fluctuating cabin temperatures. In case your car is fitted with a manual cooling/heating control, there could be a problem with the switch, compressor clutch, sensor or even pressure cut-out.

Fault in Compressor
This reason is rather conspicuous. In case you hear loud, weird noises while you switch the AC on, it indicates a faulty compressor. Besides, it could also indicate a problem with the pressure of the refrigerant. Also, chances are that you have been using the wrong kind of compressor lubricant. Make sure that the noise isn’t issuing from the engine. Make sure that the noise isn’t coming from the engine. Else, it’s not a compressor issue. In either case, get it checked ASAP.
Electronic Fault

Automatic cars and manual cars with advance electronic features most often suffer from this problem. The more complex your car, the higher are the chances for electronic faults. When more electronic features are added to your cooling/heating system, it increases the chances of things going out of order. It may increase the ease of use and the comfort, but it also increases the scope of repairs. Electronic faults could be one of the major reasons why heating or AC stop working.

Presence of Bacteria
Loss of cooling or heat could also be because of bacteria build up. There is a possibility that mold, or bacteria, or mildew may have accumulated onto the evaporator coils. The clear symptom if this problem is weird smell in the cabin.

It is important to cater to the problems right when you start noticing the minutest of the symptoms. In cases where no symptoms are manifest, it can be a bummer. To avoid this, make sure that you do the suggested checks at the time of service.

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