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Top 10 Cheapest Cars in the World

New models of cars are produced every year and each boasts new features and designs. Consequently, car owners are also increasing in number. 

However, car prices are also rising exponentially with each new release. Hence, those people who want to own one may find it hard to see a car that is not only of good quality but is also affordable. Good thing there are cars available in the market that will not cause a big dent into your bank account. Listed below are the cheapest cars in the world that you can purchase.

10. Renault Dacia Logan – $9,477

The Dacia Logan by Renault is one of the cheapest family car in the world. This car has now sold more than 3 million units. Aside from its very affordable price at $9,477, Renault Dacia Logan is also up to par with even some of the expensive models. It is considered one of the best quality cars in its price range and is highly regarded for its flexibility, design, and efficiency in fuel consumption.
Top 10 Cheapest Cars in the World
9. Fiat Palio – $9,242
The Fiat Palio is a world car that is manufactured by Fiat. Focused on getting sales from developing markets, the Fiat Palio therefore has to be affordable. The car has some issues in its emissions but it is an overall a very quality and competent car. The car offers an attractive sporty exterior and has a spacious legroom. Its engine is also efficient and easy to handle and provides high mileage.

8. Hyundai i10 – $9,096
The Hyundai i10 has a hatchback body style. The i10 has a very modern and attractive exterior. Despite being a cheaper car model, the Hyundai i10’s quality is not compromised. Its great design is paired with a very capable engine, a spacious interior and luggage space and loads of safety features. The Hyundai i10 has received numerous awards from various magazines and experts in India, where it was first introduced. It is also considered to have a very efficient fuel consumption with its 1.25 MPi engine.

7. Tata Indica – $8,500

Tata Indica is manufactured by Tata Motors from India. At $8,500, this is one of the cheapest car in the world. The Tata Indica has received numerous criticisms after its initial release for not delivering and for its appearance. This has led to several reengineering that has made the Tata Indica a very capable and competent car. Its gas mileage has definitely improved and is now one of its main seeling points.

6. Chery A1 – $7,340
The Chery A1 is a world car manufactured by a Chinese company, Chery Automobile. Made in China, it is designed to fit into international technology and safety standards. This is why the Chery A1 has found markets from other parts of the world especially Europe and North America. Both its interior and exterior designs are very impressive and provide a cool and modern ride. With all these features, Chery A1 will surely offer a comfortable experience.

5. Geely HQ SRC – $5,780
The Geely is another Chinese brand and they produced the Geely HQ SRC. It is a sedan that can fit up to five people. It has 4-cylinder engines which, although considered to have a fuel economy performance, are still delivering with regard to fuel efficiency. Although a cheaper car, the Geely HQ SRC will surely not disappoint.

4. Geely MR – $5,500
Again manufactured by the Chinese company Geely Automobile, the Geely MR is another car that is very affordable for those on a budget. Due to the design of its trunk, the Geely MR is often thought to be a sedan but is actually a hatchback. Running up to 35 mpg, this car is still a very good investment.

3. Maruti Suzuki 800 – $4,994
Maruti Suzuki, an Indian manufacturer, has produced the Maruti 800. The car became quite iconic in India and has sold millions of units in the country. The car has a seating capacity of up to five people. It also has a maximum speed of 140 km per hour and a pretty impressive gas mileage.

2. Chery QQ – $4,781
The second car from Chery Automobile to make the list, the Chery QQ is very popular in China. Just priced a $4,781, the Chery QQ has become a legend in the country and is the most sold car there. The car has an striking exterior from its aluminium rim up to its arc taillights. Above all this, the Chery QQ is very simple and easy to drive.

1. Tata Nano – $3,056
Tata Motors is known for its cheap cars and the Tata Nano is undoubtedly its cheapest. And it has made its mark for being the cheapest production car in the whole world. Because of this low price, the Tata Nano has received a vast amount of media attention. To reduce cost, manufacturers have gotten rid of several features.

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