Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz S-Class voted Women’s Car of the Year

It takes quite a lot to please the fairer sex, but the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class seems to have hit the sweet spot among female motorists, earning enough kudos to be voted ‘Women’s World Car of the Year.’

Boasting futuristic design elements and a myriad of new technology, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a striking vehicle. This luxurious saloon made history by selling over 100 000 units within its first year of launching.

It also proved to be a global phenomenon when it comes to what women look for in a car, with 20 international female motoring journalists from 15 countries giving it the nod as the best newcomer – topping all cars launched in the last year. When compiling their votes, these experts considered the car’s design, technical functions, comfort, wow factor, sex appeal and value for money. Having weighed all these factors together, they unanimously decided that the big Merc deserved to drive away with the prestigious title.

Known in the motoring industry for benchmarking new technology, the S-Class also left quite an indelible impression on us when it arrived on our shores.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class voted Women’s Car of the Year
Here’s what we thought of it after our test drive:
DESIGN: The exterior design of the S-Class pays homage to automobiles of the 1930s, an era in which cars were big, bold and striking. It is characterised by well-proportioned lines, and because of its classic elegance, you get a sense of déjà vu at first sight. Mercedes-Benz left the imposing star on the bonnet as a further stamp of authority on this vehicle.
INTERIOR: As expected, there’s no shortage of luxury and functionality to make driving a pleasurable experience – from the detailed leather, soft suede on the roof and fragranced climate control.

With its wide selection of multi-media systems, it is as good as being in a fully-equipped office on wheels, and there are plenty of buttons to play around with and loads of discoveries to make on each trip.

As if to prove that ordinary wouldn’t do for this car, the design team went all out on the seats, ensuring only the best comfort for the driver and passengers alike. It took about 100 electric motors to ensure the seats perform optimally and can be adjusted to suit every individual’s liking for both work and relaxation. One of the top-selling points is the massage option that is based on hot stone massage principles. Word of advice however, don’t cancel your therapist appointment yet – the massage is nowhere near the real thing.

SAFETYAs the car that first introduced the driver airbag, it has become the norm for the S-Class to set safety trends. When it comes to safety technology, Mercedes-Benz is looking to the future and is already researching autonomous driving (a car that drives itself) with zero accidents.

While engineers are still hard at work to ensure this becomes a reality in our lifetime, the S-Class continues to be innovative and comes equipped with more than 20 assistance safety innovations.

These include Nightview Assist Plus, which can identify animals and people who are walking in front of the car at night. Also, the LED headlamps will turn on so that the person or animal is not blinded by the lights and can make a safe escape.

Also, should you doze off behind the wheel, the Stop & Go Pilot will detect the speed of the car ahead and limit the speed of your vehicle to minimise the risk of a crash.

Those who find themselves on uneven and pot-holed roads will love Magic Body Control. The chassis anticipates the road’s conditions and absorbs the bumps, ensuring that all aboard don’t feel a thing. During the drive on some of the battered roads in the Western Cape, we were pleasantly surprised as the car glided smoothly, leaving us feeing as though we were on a magic carpet ride.

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