Saturday, 2 January 2016

How To Deal With Life's Trying Moments

Sometimes we live in pain and sorrow. Everything that we believe in and trusted to be true will be tested. Faith will be replaced with fear. Doubt will become our strongest form of trust. 

Disappointment, betrayal, rejecting and discontant will be the natural flow of our days. Everything dream,vision and plans somehow will start to fade away. Darkness and fearful thoughts, anger and bitterness will crep in.

In this state and moments most men would desire death than life. Such trying moments and terrible times does appear in our lives Yes this is the time when one thinks that God is in deed a liar. All our beliefs in God will be questioned.
How To Deal With Life's Trying Moments
The reality around you will tell you that nothing will ever work. Nothing will never change. And these questions will follow out of your mouth until when ? Why me? When will this end? Does God care? What have i done to deserve this?

Such a time is not one of the greatest times humanity would love to be in. But what if you are in it right now? Should you just agree and say it is a terrible time?
Denying the fact that it is not a good time is wrong. But affirming that even in such a time God is God and He is in control and i will do what i can do and leave the part i cant do to Him.

Our God is not weak nor will he faint. Trust in Him and he will give you power and strenght. It is God who gives the weak power. In that darkest moment you are in the Lord can be your light. He is the light that gives life to humanity. Learn to trust in his word and wisdom.

In that place where you are confused,bitter and angery. Our God will be the I Am. . . I am the only wise God so he will give you wisdom. Let him who lack wisdom ask and God will give him wisdom. May the lord grant you wisdom in your situation, you will come out because he is giving you wisdom. God will be whatever you desire in you life .

If it be peace I Am your peace, i am your righteousness, I am your protection, i am your keeper. OUR GOD IS NOT WEAK. Learn to trust in him even in these times. If we can learn to still believe in Him even it does not make sense to believe in Him. Having faith in Him even there is nothing.

In all hopeless sitation he will give you hope and that hope is for Glory. I know you might have lost hope but there is a God who cant lie and who gives hope to the hopeless. This God makes a way were there is on way. Nothing is impossible with Him. HE is God and He is able. Take heart for He cares. Take heart for He is with you. Fear not believe only for he is the resurrection, and the life.

If it is dead He will give life. Oh life to your dead situation that God may recieve Glory. GOD CARE and is in control trust Him.  By faith in Him and His words you are coming out.

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