Friday, 25 December 2015

Prophet Bushiri to construct a mega Church in South Africa, swallowing up to 60,000 congregates

Malawian prophet based in South Africa Shepherd Bushiri has made an announcement that his Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) will now embark on a project to construct a mega prayer building that will take up 60,000 people in South Africa.

The announcement was made during a Sunday Service which was live on his television Prophetic Channel.

According to Bushiri, the church will be constructed in Midland and among others; it will have a 5 Star Hotel, University and other equally important infrastructures.

“Am happy to announce today that plans to construct a big church in Midland have finally been finalised. For now we have started a temporary structure that is costing us up to $4 million and once we are settled at our place, construction for the church will begin,” explained Bushiri to his congregates.

‘Major 1’ as he is proudly called also shown the designs of the yet to be constructed church and hotel.
Bushiri: The new church will take over 60,000 people at once
According to the man of God, the church will serve his purpose to accommodate as many people as possible.

“This is a dream come true to me because this church will not have Overflows as is the case in this premises that we are. It is a big task to visit all these Overflows every time we have a service and this error is being corrected now. I believe we will join hands and make this dream come true. This is your place of worship and as usual, great things are expected to happen,” said Bushiri amid cheering from his followers.

Bushiri’s ministry has expanded alarmingly ever since he relocated to South Africa. He has become one of the most richest and famous prophets within a short period of time.

Other great men of God such Prophet Uebert Angel of Zimbabwe have described this humble prophet from Malawi as “Sharpest prophet in the whole world.”

His move to South Africa was not received well by fellow Malawians who felt the Prophet abandoned his country at a time when his presence in Malawi would have greatly boosted the economy of the country that keeps dwindling despite regime changes.

However, according to Bushiri’s Public Relations Officer Kelvin Sulugwe, the prophet never abandoned Malawi, but only fulfilling his calling purpose.

“It is unfortunate to think that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri abandoned Malawi. Truth of the matter is that a prophet is usually a prophet of nations not a nation. He is serving people well in South Africa and this has made it easier for from different countries to visit him. At the same time, his movements are prophetic as told by the God he serves. He has stayed in Tanzania, Zambia and other countries. He was in Malawi all his life time and just few months ago, he had an event in Mzuzu that shook the country.”

“As it stands, the prophet is already of great benefit to the economy of Malawi. He has establishments in Malawi and has employed thousands of Malawians. When he became President of AFRICCI, he gave chance to Malawian companies to submit proposals for funding and I believe some of them were successful. All in all, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Malawian and he will continue being of benefit to his country, with or without any support from other powers,” concluded Sulugwe.

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