Friday, 25 December 2015

Man Rapes Friend's Daughter

A 10-year-old girl was brave enough to remove her rapist’s mask during a rape ordeal only to discover that the perpetrator was her father’s best friend. The 32-year-old rapist was yesterday jailed for 16 years by Harare magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya.

Mr Mujaya sentenced the rapist to 20 years and suspended four years on condition of good behaviour.

Circumstances are that on September 21 this year at Skay Farm, Norton, the girl was alone on her way home from school.

As she approached a bushy area, she noticed a man sitting on the roadside covering his face with a blue T-shirt.

Sensing danger, the girl took to her heels in the direction of her home.

The man started chasing her. He caught up with the girl and dragged her into the bush. Still covering his face, the rapist pushed the girl to the ground.
Man Rapes Friend's Daughter
In the midst of raping her, the girl was brave enough to pull off the T-shirt masking the rapist. She managed to identify him as her father’s friend.

She also managed to look at his chest and saw that he had a permanent scar and that the chest was hairy. On seeing that the girl was paying attention to details, the rapist started slapping her several times on the face and threatened to kill her if she sold him out.

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