Friday, 25 December 2015

I NEED DELIVERANCE - Nyasha Is Having Sex With More Than FIVE Men Everyday.

An Epworth woman has publicly confessed that she is addicted to sex and beds at least 5 men daily. Nyasha Chiruka, 30, has had sexual intercourse with more than 30 men at least according to her memory.

She made the confession before thousands of congregants during a church service at Johane Masowe yechishanu in Lusaka, Highfield led by Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika .

I bed at least 5 men per day and I remember having sex with more than 30 people in my life .

“I cannot miss it(sex) ndakazvitadza and I am now addicted,” she said.

Nyasha‘s confessions came after Madzibaba Spenlodge prophesied about her life and the problems she is facing. Nyasha said she is, at the moment, dating two men but they are still failing to ‘deal’ with her libido to her satisfaction.

“I am dating two men from my area but they are not aware. So when the other one fails to satisfy me, I call the other one immediately to finish up the job. Ndoupenyu hwandava kutorarama.
Nyasha Is Having Sex With More Than FIVE Men Everyday.
“The number can go up to five per day depending on the mood,” she said.

She however took a dig at men saying their failure to satisfy their wives in bed will cause them to cheat.

“Sometimes the problems with men, they can’t satisfy their wives and we end up looking for capable men.

“I had the same problem in my marriage and we broke up after he found out I was cheating on him,” said Nyasha.

Nyasha stays with her four-year old son and sometimes has sex while the minor is outside.

“Most of the time I do during the night but when its afternoon my son will be laying outside playing.”

Nyasha was among tens of people who confessed their sins, seeking deliverance.

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