Friday, 25 December 2015

Dancer To Shake It Till Eater Breaks

Unlike most pregnant women who resort to indoors once they are pregnant, one New Age dancer is defying odds as she continues to dazzle revellers while counting down the months to delivery.

Whenever the group performs, 20-year-old Yvonne Nyapuwa, is an attraction due to the fact that, despite her agility, she is five months pregnant.

Fully knowing the possible physical challenges that she may encounter in her state, like a geisha queen, Nyapuwa manoeuvres on stage with ease, to the amusement of many who have seen her perform.

Many wonder, silently and out loud, the consequences of such physical exertions on one who is heavy with child.
Dancer To Shake It Till Eater Breaks
Nyapuwa tackles all these questions with a smile, stating that dancing is just part of a physical activity that any pregnant woman should consider.

“I know it seems difficult if not impossible for many people to imagine someone dance in my state, but believe me it’s something that is very much possible and I am not stopping anytime soon. Maybe if I am eight months I will consider staying at home,” she said.

She added that pregnant women should exercise frequently.

“For me this sort of exercise is what all pregnant women should go through,” she said.

Asked about the possible dangers that some dance moves like splitting may cause, Nyapuwa stated that for now she is tackling the stage with a cautious approach.

“I try to avoid dance moves that may cause severe pains and even miscarriage but at the moment I am handling everything with ease,” she said.

Her 24-year-old husband, Victor Ncube, who is also a dancer, added that his wife was a wonder to watch.

“She is one of the most talented people I have ever met. Despite being pregnant, I don’t mind if she goes out to perform. Our work doesn’t come between us as long as she is comfortable, I am happy with what she does,” said Ncube.

New Age dance group director Nompumelelo Ncube, added that despite the will exhibited by Nyapuwa, they get negative comments from revellers.

“Now and then we encounter negative comments from different platforms. This has not stopped us or even slowed down Yvonne because in this business people will always speak,” she said.

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