Thursday, 10 September 2015

Are You Tired of Trite Tips on Fuel Savings

In these days of record high fuel prices affecting already stretched budgets, many of us are looking for tips on fuel savings. Unfortunately, most tips are “no-brainers”.

Some suggest staying within posted speed limits because “…the faster you drive, the more fuel you use.” Daah !!! Explain that to a teenager!

Oh, here’s one – “combine errands”. Come on, anyone who runs a household figured that one out eons ago, just to maintain sanity.
Are You Tired of Trite Tips on Fuel Savings

Here’s another I just love – remove excess weight. Hmm… let me think, I can make the kids walk to their sports events or mall, and meet them when they arrive. And, of course, ban any friends from catching a ride. But then again, when the riot occurs, the police will have to use their fuel instead.

After much research, here’s a few fuel savings tips I found that actually make sense:

1. Depending on a vehicle’s condition, you can increase fuel savings simply by keeping your engine tuned.
2. Maintaining proper inflation of tires can increase fuel savings by up to 6%.
3. Replace air, oil, and fuel filters regularly. Clogged filters decrease fuel savings.

But the best tip to date is this simple fuel savings solution:

A small Power Pill, the size of a penny, that can be dropped into the tank at fill up. Here’s what the PowerPill does:

  • Provides fuel savings averaging 15% on cars and 20% on diesel trucks.
  • Conditions the engine by cleaning it, resulting in eliminating and preventing what is known as “carbon deposits”, the culprit behind decreased fuel savings. 
  • Lowering octane requirements, thus saving an additional 5¢ to 10¢ per gallon. 
  • More savings on maintenance by extending the life of spark plugs, valves, engine, and frequent oil changes.
  • Environmental benefits by significantly reducing toxic pollutants, which in essence allows us to breathe cleaner air and live longer.
N.A.S.A. engineered and SAE tested over a decade ago, global results can be found at including the most recent unsolicited tests performed by Dial-A-Cab taxi drivers in London.

About the author: Dee Scrip is a well known and respected published expert author of numerous articles on PowerPill Fe-3, Home Business, Business Opportunities, Fundraising, VoIP, VoIP Security, and other related VoIP issues.

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