Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zimbabwe business opportunities! How Big Brain is making it big by digitalizing Zimbabwe Education system.

For a long time I have been advising investors to venture into Zimbabwe education sector. I had seen opportunities besides the conventional like starting a university, college, school or crèche in Zimbabwe. Of course all these are full proof business opportunities in Zimbabwe but a new company called Big Brain Zimbabwe seem to have struck gold in digitalizing education.

They have already launched a 1hr 30 minutes ‘O’ Level Zimsec Physical Geography DVD tutorial to assist students in their October/ November examinations. You can sample the trailer on youtube:

The DVD covers those aspects of Geography concerned with the shape and form of the land surface, the outline, extent and nature of the seas and oceans. Most of the attention is given to how the landforms are formed and the changes which they experience overtime.
Zimbabwe business opportunities! How Big Brain is making it big by digitalizing Zimbabwe Education system.
It also covers the:
  • Zimsec typical diagrams
  • Examination Hints & Tips
  • Topics in ZimSec Physical Geography
  • How to answer the questions
  • Geomorphology video tutorials
  • Zimsec typical questions
Big Brain is an online learning platform. The company’s online software is designed to help students and teachers find each other. Teachers can create and upload study materials whilst students are able to access study materials, write tests, discussion forums and video and audio tutorials. Click here:

“We have more 1000+ students registered on our platform but students are not able to fully utilise our online learning services because they do not have money for data bundles, our platform uses moodle platform which requires a lot of bandwidth”, said the Big Brain Zimbabwe CEO in an interview with the ZIminvestor team

“We decided to take study materials offline by making available on DVDs to allow accessible to everyone in a cheap and very convenient way. We are introducing subject DVDs. We have partnered with a number of ZimSec teachers which are assisting us in creating content. We will be releasing all subjects DVDs from Grade 7 to Form 6.” He continued

“We notice that the is a sharp demand on Grade 7 SHONA learning materials we have also started to engage SHONA teachers in generating content. The DVDs are available to all public & private schools for free and $2 to registered members $5 unregistered members.”

Mr Shava also said that they were getting assistance from other educational organisations to create more video and audio tutorials like the National geographic channel organisation. Big Brain has been in the E-Learning business for more than 8 months trying to transform the Zimbabwe education technology. You can find more about Big Brain Zimbabwe from the following
BigBrainZw Facebook
Big BrainZw Youtube Channel
Big Brain on Twitter
Big Brain Site

Validation of Big Brain Zimbabwe for Investor Confidence

My five member business validation team is working with Big Brain and Iam yet to see their report. This report will assist Investors in decision making before they Invest into the business. The reason we published this was to show Inventors and entrepreneurs out there that it is possible. Weather Big Brain will survive the first five years and into the future is another story which mainly depends on the founders hunger to succeed but Iam must commend that they had a good start. Big Brain was also part of the 2014 Zol startup challenge finalists showing that they have the potential to be the next big thing.

To contact Big Brain Zimbabwe CEO Mr Timothy Tawanda Shava, his contacts are below:

: +263 772 837 385 |: |

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