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Corporate and Business Law (English) Past Exam Papers and Answers

Corporate and Business Law (English) Past Exam Papers and Answers
Sample exam papers or sample questions for this paper can be accessed by selecting the relevant variant from the right hand side menu. Please note the following:
  • All question papers and solutions are the copyright of ACCA and can only be used for classroom and student use in preparation for their ACCA exams. They cannot be published in any form (paper or soft copy), or sold for profit in any way, without first gaining the express permission of ACCA. Nor can they be used as examinations, in whole or in part, by other institutions or awarding bodies.
  • The past exam question papers and solutions published on the website appear as they did when the exams were actually set. They have not been updated for any changes in legislation or standards, nor any changes to the syllabus or to the exam structure and question types. Thus, they must be used with caution when preparing for current examinations. Please note the structure of this exam will change as from the December 2014 session, so your should refer to the Specimen Exam or sample questions, which illustrates the new structure.
  • Updated versions of the questions and solutions, adapted to reflect the new exam structure can be obtained by purchasing an Exam kit or Practise and Revision kit from ACCA's Approved Content Providers. where available.
  • There is more than one version for this paper. Please choose your version from the right hand side menu to view PDFs of ACCA past exam papers.
December 2007 - questions PDF format 77KB
December 2007 - answers PDF format 235KB
June 2008 - questions PDF format 76KB
Corporate and Business Law (English) Past Exam Papers and Answers
June 2008 - answers PDF format 253KB
December 2008 - questions PDF format 66KB
December 2008 - answers PDF format 199KB
June 2009 - questions PDF format 79KB
June 2009 - answers PDF format 239KB
December 2009 - questions PDF format 82KB
December 2009 - answers PDF format 246KB
June 2010 - questions PDF format 54KB
June 2010 - answers PDF format 203KB
December 2010 - questions PDF format 74KB
December 2010 - answers PDF format 247KB
June 2011 - questions PDF format 74KB
June 2011 - answers PDF format 266KB
December 2011 - questions PDF format 77KB
December 2011 - answers PDF format 218KB
June 2012 - questions PDF format 71KB
June 2012 - answers PDF format 169KB
December 2012 - questions PDF format 72KB
December 2012 - answers PDF format 113KB
June 2013 - questions PDF format 95KB
June 2013 - answers PDF format 84KB
December 2013 - questions PDF format 58KB
December 2013 - answers PDF format 213KB
June 2014 - questions PDF format 79KB
June 2014 - answers PDF format 296KB
December 2014 - questions PDF format 229KB

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