Thursday, 13 November 2014

From A Concerned Former Student ...!

PUBLISH THISAn acting head's hands found in the cookie jar! Every child who starts grade one's dream is to one day sit for his Ordinary levels and be ushered into a new life, very pregnant with hope. 

More so if the children are from a scanty background were they go to school on an empty stomach. Poverty written all over their skinny bodies punctuated by tattered uniforms. Children from one such poor background, in the rural area of buhera under chief chimombe had 50 expectant children with succulent dreams brought instantly from the flying pan into fire, poverty to shattered dreams at St. Michaels' s Mambo Secondary school. 

This is all through the actions of their former acting head, Mr Shadreck Mutengerere who converted the hard earned cash into personal use. Some of the parents sold goats, buckets of maize and cattle to raise this money which this stone hearted head had to squander. 
From A Concerned Former Student ...!
The substantive head, Mr. Last chiguvare has now been appointed, he reported the issue to the district, some learner's subjects have been corrected but others' were reimbursed their monies. Its needless to point out the money came back with a hip of broken pieces of the children's dreams. We the community members we are very irate seeing bearacratic delays in dealing with this sham of a teacher.

How can he teach our children when hehas proven beyond doubt that he is a devil incarnate. Teachers by the nature of their job they should act in loco parentis. Parents should have full trust of the education system but this former acting head has brought the name of St Michael's, and indeed the whole education system into disrepute. We are actually advocating for him to be ousted from this noble profession of teaching. 

From Former students

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