Thursday, 22 May 2014

I Am In Love With My Student

I Want Her
So, this is kind of weird, but I can't share this anywhere else. Yes, I am in love with my student. Don't judge me. She has only been in my class this year and my feeling for her keep growing. She was very shy at first and she still kind of is, I guess. She doesn't like talking in class much, but she will talk to me outside of class. She stays after school a lot.. which I enjoy very much. I am very immature and I try to impress her sometimes. I always look over at her after I make a joke to see if she heard it and if shes laughing or smiling. I have a feeling that she feels the same way about me (I hope she does) but I am not sure, and I dont want to say anything to her in case she doesn't. I feel that we have a pretty good friendship, even though she is still kind of shy. The reason I think she does is because she smiles at me all the time and blushes.. (which is adorable) I love her. She is so sweet and I miss her whenever I am not around her. Please comment on my story.
I Am In Love With My Student

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