Thursday, 22 May 2014

I Am In Love With My Student

In Need Of Help... My name is Matt and I'm a Maths teacher, I teach Seniors in high school and just so that I can get this out of the way, I have no sexual attraction to young girls, I'm not a *********/pervert nor have I ever even thought of any student inappropriately. I'm modest but I can admit that I am the "handsome" male teacher at school that the girls often flirt with, every school has one and I happen to be him. I have never been married, I don't have children and to be blunt I'm a womanizer...I've been one since my teenage years and I always told girls everything they wanted to hear as long as I knew it'd get me laid that night, yes I know most of you women are judging me now and I accept it but I feel as if I'm sick mentally..or that I need help or somethings unbalanced in my mind..

I am in LOVE with my seventeen year old student and it's slowly ruining me. I don't fall inlove and most of the time I'm a sarcastic strict ******* to my students...but with "Emma" I'm different nd have no control over it, I have a weak spot for her and she literally breaks me down without even trying, she's one of the only students I've had who doesn't gawk or flirt with's as if she doesn't eve care about my existence.

Emma is a subtle beautiful. Her hair is naturally a long light brown, she only wears light eyeliner, her eyelashes are naturally long and perfect, she has a perfect smile and beautiful bright hazel eyes..her voice literally brings a smile to my face, usually I only care about looks..but of coarse as a teacher I over hear students conversations during class or in the hallways, and he personality is out of this world...she is so care free and energetic and she is the funniest woman I have ever incountered. Her birthday is November 2nd..the day after mine. She will be 18 and I will be 35...I don't know if she likes me or finds me attractive...I don't even know if she likes my damn class!

I'm afraid because I feel like for once in my life I'm not in control, I need to know if she feels the same...but how? And please no judgmental comments, I'm aware that I'm probably some "sick scumbag" now but I need to let this out and I can't let it out to my egotistical friends because they are even worse when it comes to women.
Please comment advice.

I Am In Love With My Student
Reader's Answer: Look at you, losing control. Y'all scorpios hate that ****. The thing is you can have any woman you want, why her? It's different with students because many of us don't know how it feels to have the freedom and control of our lives yet. The truth is she's controlling you, you are under her spell and games. That girl could make you do whatever, whenever. She probably don't like you, and if she is what you say she's is, 9 times out of 10 she's has a boyfriend. Hey, what the hell do I know? I'm just a shy 16 year old virgo who is in love with my 27 year old scorpio teacher. But I'm not wrong, I think as the grown handsome man that you say you are. You will move on from this experience. I don't judge you, your just not my teacher. I'am a confident, tall and pretty young lady. I can be goofy at times, but I'm not perfect god made me this way. I not asking my teacher to marry me, but I can't lie. It does make me jealous when he's smiling at other girls. Since your a scorpio I need your advice, how do you feel about shy but pretty girls?I'm the girl who won't answer every question in class, but will give you a killer essay. The girl who won't stalk you, but will hide my feelings when I run into you outside of class. Since your a teacher, I really need your help. Please don't say, "you will get over it", "it will never happen". I heard that **** already, give me something different please.:)

Reader's Answer: Please, let me have you think about this. Since you are kind of the alpha male teacher of the school, and its normal for female students to gaze at you constantly, however, she acts as if your not even there. You also mentioned earlier that you were a "womanizer", meaning you get what you want. Maybe your just subconsciously confessed as to why she isn't falling head over heels for you. So now, maybe you feel challenged to win her over? If not, and you actually have feelings for her, you should confront her very subtlety. Last year I was a Freshman, and had the alpha male teacher for English. At first, I was shy, almost even intimidated. I tried my best not to look at him, but during reading time or while we were taking a test, I'd always steal glances. I'd love it when he caught me looking. I don't know if he ever looked at me, but some times I'd look up and we'd make eye contact.

This eye contact, is what I'd kill for. I just felt like we had a connection, mentally, spiritually, blah blah blah. Listen, at first, yes I was attracted because he just had this very intense sex appeal about him, but as the year went on, I learned he loved the same music as I, we had the same favorite color, and in my mind we were just very alike. Soon I started interacting with him. I even took his Theatre Class. At first, I had so many awkward moments, but then it got easier. I loved him. He's all I could think about. All I wanted. Now, I still love him. I always will, but when I enter his classroom to say hi (Mostly in the mornings), he seems distracted or as if he doesn't even care. It hurts. It hurts so much, seeing the person that can make you smile as bright and as true than anything else in the world, ignore you. I wish I had a way to tell him. I'm not sure if he feels the same or not, but it'd be good. All I want is for him to be happy though, so I'd understand if he didn't feel the same way. I can't just tell him though.

There's too much at stake. If he didn't, he'd think it was highly inappropriate, possibly send me to the office, and our little friendship that may seem like nothing to him but means everything to me would be ruined. If he did have feelings for me though, I'd want him to tell me. It'd be so great finally expressing all my feelings back and getting over this long exasperated time waiting to spill. If you do decide to tell her, your going to have to take a few things into consideration, such as your job, friends, family, and reputation could all be at stake. Be subtle about it. Try to talk it out with her. Tell her you need to talk to her. Pull her off to the corner at the end of the day. Take her to your classroom. Make sure it's empty. You could even shut your door so that no other student walk in and you wont be interrupted. Then just say whatever comes next. Say what you feel. If she doesn't feel the same, at least you know now & won't spend your days wondering. If she does, look forward to the future even though it might be tough. Maybe you don't want a future? You just wanted to get it off your chest? Tell her what you are feeling & thinking so its not so confusing. If she reacts in a positive way, give her your number & you can further on discuss the issue.

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