Wednesday, 19 March 2014

15 schools set for arts festival

HARARE - This year’s 3rd edition of the Special Schools’ Arts Festival will see the coming together of more than 15 schools.

The festival promotes the participation of children with disabilities and aims to make people aware of their abilities.

Last year’s edition was held under the theme ‘Breaking Barriers’.

The festival will be graced by R’n’B group, Soul Bone, it will be held on June 14 at the Band Shell Stage in the Harare Gardens.

Ticha Muzavazi, the brains behind the festival will coordinate this year’s event.

“The festival is an initiative which brings together children artistes with disabilities countrywide for the purpose of enjoying themselves, showcasing their artistic skills as well as celebrating their achievements, abilities and contributions.

“We are working with the Culture Fund, in collaboration with the European Union (EU). We also have Hatiite Project which is working on equipping our special schools arts departments with material and technical skills,” he said.

15 schools set for arts festival
Participants will include the special schools and resource units for the blind which participated in the previous editions. These include St Giles, Copota, Mrewa, Jairos Jiri Kadoma and Southerton,ZimCARE schools from Harare, Bulawayo and Kadoma, Emerald Hill, Danhiko, Leonard Cheshire and Munashe Special School.

“St Giles Special School are in with a major improvement in their music, performing with a full band.”

Muzavazi added that there will be able-bodied children taking part in the festival as a way of promoting tolerance.

“Children participating in traditional dance and mbira music from three Highfield schools are going to be part of our festival for purposes of performing with their peers.

“We will also have artistes with disabilities who include Tafi Dube who plays his music on the streets of Bulawayo, Nompilo Nkomo, Soul Bone, Naome Chaota and Jose Shavieri who plays with a band integrating members with physical impairments.”

He added that there will be workshops.

“The workshops will be conducted by some of our artistes and guests from Japan who come in with fascinating Japanese arts and crafts.”

Muzavazi is a music teacher at St Giles Special School and he said the festival is meant to unite children with special needs through art.
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