WHY GOD HATES OPEN BORDERS – The Case Against Open Borders From A Kingdom Perspective (NEW BOOK)

The ascension of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States, whether you are a FAN or FOE is a harbinger of things to come.

The global fight for the soul of nations between those who believe in national sover­eignty and those who believe in open borders and a borderless society.

In this riveting book, “WHY GOD HATES OPEN BORDERS,” Francis Myles confronts the underlying spiritual currents behind the march toward open borders by globalists and those on the Progressive-Left. He dissects the problem of “open borders” from a biblical perspective to help people of faith understand what is truly at stake.



This book will answer questions such as:

1. What’s behind the march towards a borderless society?
2. Why an America with open borders is so important to those on the Progressive-Left
3. What is the spiritual connection between the ancient Tower of Babel and today’s Progressive agenda?
4. Is Donald Trump a modern-day Nehemiah?
5. Is the fight for national sovereignty rooted in racism?
6. Does God’s Kingdom have an Immigration Policy?
7. How can American Christians pray for America? Plus much more!



Dr. Francis Myles begins by exploring the need for borders in the natural realm, concerning countries, culture, and traditions established by GOD Himself. (Deuteronomy 32:8) Then he shares how these principles undergird the Kingdom of GOD itself. He shares that the entrance into GOD’s Kingdom is not a right, but a privilege, extended to us by our Creator. Citizenship in His Kingdom is governed by immigration laws established by GOD Himself! The wisdom contained in this book is important for every believer to grasp in order to walk in the fullness of God’s blessings and God’s promises for our lives today, and to assure our position in GOD’s Kingdom for all eternity! Waren Marcus



Dr. Myles, as a passionate Christian Zionist and true lover of Israel and the precious Jewish people, has been entrusted by God to teach this powerful revelation on borders to the Body of Christ throughout the nations. For the borders of all nations on earth are set by God according to HISUniversal Plan for all the earth ( Deuteronomy 32:8-10 ); a plan predicated on His eternal promise to the people and land of ISRAEL! Pastor David N. Decker | Jerusalem, Israel



Dr. Myles has done it again! Why God Hates Opens Borders propels the conversation from an emotional perspective to one of Biblical perspective and rational discussion. It is my hopes that this book will become an integral “must read” for students,teachers, churches, business and government. America like other nations is in a war to maintain its identity. Our Founding Father’s came to this land and established structure to ensure the Biblical foundation would always be the Corner stone of our Republic. Part of the cornerstone is securing our borders. For those who argue the importance I always ask “Do you leave your house unlocked” to allow anyone who desires to walk in. Dr. Myles brings the spiritual and practical application that is a must read for young and old. L. Vega Verified Amazon Purchase



Dr. Myles provides a profound and irrefutable argument on why the protection of our borders is so critical to the destiny of this nation. He strips away the emotion, expels the political hyperbole, and succinctly explains why God hates open borders. We each live in a home with walls. Why? To protect those who live within those walls. Does that mean we don’t have compassion for the homeless? Not by any means. But having compassion doesn’t mean we have no wisdom. America has the biggest heart of any nation on earth, protecting our borders is not a cold, callous response of our government, rather it is our government fulfilling its mandate to protect its citizens.

Dr. Myles, through scripture, explains the necessity of borders and the disdain God has for a borderless society. He walks us through past and recent history to show the effects a borderless nation has on its citizenry. He shows the progress of how removing one border leads to a domino effect of the downfall of restrictions which ultimately leads to chaos and a society without restraints.

In “Why God Hates Open Borders,’ Dr. Myles stands back from the politics and looks at it through God’s eyes – as should we all. Read this book so you’ll see what God sees and hear what God says about borders, THEN decide on whose side you will stand. Momma H. Verified Amazon Purchase