Horror Strikes Buhera Village As Hyena Snatches And Feasts On 6 Year Old Boy

Buhera community was left grief stricken after an aggressive hyena snatched a six-year-old boy from his parents’ doorstep, viciously killed him and dumped his mutilated body in a nearby riverbed in the middle of the night.

Elisha Zvavahera, of Zvavahera village, under Chief Nyashanu, was attacked by the lone hyena while playing outside with 10 other siblings from his father’s polygamous marriage and dragged for some metres and his body was discovered with — a pierced throat, ripped stomach and gnawed limps.

In an interview with Manica Post Mr Zvavahera, the boy’s father said this was the worst tragedy to inflict his family. He said the tragic incident was giving them sleepless nights and has left the community petrified.

“His bones were weak since childhood and he could not walk or run normally and when other children noticed the hyena and rushed for cover, Elisha lagged behind and fell prey. This is the worst catastrophe to affect the family. We later noticed that as the children played outside, the hyenas were by the kraal. They were running towards the kraals, and that is how and where Elisha was snatched.

“His body was discovered along the river around 8am the following morning, and the sight was horrible. His stomach had been ripped open and the intestines were all over the scene. His legs had been gnawed and the head had been pierced. He had two deep cuts on both ears, suggesting that is the area the animal sank its canines and dragged him. It was a scary view; I had to draw all my courage as the father to put the ripped body together. This is the work of the devil,” said Mr Zvavahera, who is a member of Johanne Marange Church.

Mrs Zvavahera wept uncontrollably as she reminisced the loss of her son.

“I have not seen his body; I stayed some few metres away, until they collected it for post mortem. It was too ghastly to look at. Imagine what he went through. It came as a shock that only my child, among 10 other children, could disappear without trace.”

Village head Samuel Zvavahera (81) said he had not seen a tragedy of that magnitude in his whole life. He said hyenas are known as scavengers that eat the remains of dead animals left by other predators and shows that they are now a serious danger to humans.