Donald Trump Taking US Back To “Tribal” Politics Similar To Zimbabwe’s Opposition- US Anchor

On Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews criticised United States President Donald Trump whom he accused of taking the US back to “tribal” politics similar to that of Zimbabwe’s opposition “who have a long history of discrediting electoral outcomes they do not agree with’’.

Said Matthews:

I was reading about Zimbabwe today, and I’ve been to Zimbabwe. I know it’s a young country with all kinds of problems … and trying to figure things out. He (Trump) is taking us back to where they are, where all the opposition does is say that people who win elections are crooked, that everything’s rigged, everything — nothing’s on the level, there’s no such thing as objective truth, everything is tribal, our side is always right, your side’s always wrong. That’s my judgment

Zimbabwe’s opposition over the years repeatedly rejected election defeat accusing Zanu-PF of rigging the elections and beating its supporters. The main opposition MDC has also rejected its defeat in the recent crunch July 30 election accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of manipulating the results in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s favour. You can watch Matthews’ video Here