China Executes Man Who Killed 9 Children In Knife Attack To Vent Frustration

Beijing: China on Thursday executed a man who stabbed nine secondary school students to death and injured 11 others in April in Shaanxi province.

Zhao Zewei was sentenced to death in July after a court found him guilty of murder following the April 27 stabbing attack at a high school in Mizhi county, reports Efe news.

According to a statement from the Yulin City Intermediate Court, the man confessed that he carried out the massacre to “vent frustration and anger over his misfortunes in life and the bullying he was subjected to while attending the school”.

The Supreme Court then approved Zhao´s death sentence because his motives were “despicable” and the methods used “especially cruel”, according to the statement.

The attack occurred when the students, aged between 12 and 15 years old, left their classes.