Laurent Blanc Issues Scathing Response After Serge Aurier Labelled The PSG Boss 'A Faggot'

Monday, 15 February 2016

Laurent Blanc Issues Scathing Response After Serge Aurier Labelled The PSG Boss 'A Faggot'

SERGE AURIER has plunged Paris Saint-Germain into disarray ahead of their Champions League clash with Chelsea following a tasteless online Q&A session.

The right-back has been suspended by PSG for allegedly aiming homophobic slurs at manager Laurent Blanc and star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic online.
Laurent Blanc offered a scathing response when asked about Serge Aurier's comments
Laurent Blanc offered a scathing response when asked about Serge Aurier's comments
And he also hit out at fellow team-mates Salvatore Sirigu, Gregory Van der Wiel and Angel Di Maria.

Aurier held a fans Q&A session on live video streaming app Periscope on Saturday evening in which he labelled Blanc 'une fiotte' meaning 'a faggot' in English.

When asked by one participant if his manager engages in oral sexual activity with Ibrahimovic, he replied, 'he takes everything'.

And he went on to describe Van der Wiel as 'wetter than wet' and claims Italian goalkeeper Sirigu is 'guez' - a colloquial term which means 'useless' or 'finished'.

He even laid into star midfielder Di Maria who has been a standout player for PSG this term, calling him a 'a clown'.

The Ivory Coast international has since admitted his wrongdoing and apologised to the club and manager following his suspension.

"It is a big disappointment and a gross error of judgement on my part to have put the club into this situation on the eve of such an important game," he told RMC Sport.

"I have to apologise to the coach. I have to say it to him especially after all that he has done for me since I arrived here at PSG.

"I am sorry also to my team-mates and everyone involved with the club, particularly the fans. It is something which should not happen at an important time in the season.
Cristiano Ronaldo really doesn't like Manuel Pellegrini
Cristiano Ronaldo really doesn't like Manuel Pellegrini

"Of course I accept the sanctions. They are totally justified. I have been stupid and done something totally inexcusable and as a result, I accept all sanctions coming my way."

Laurent Blanc has since responded to Aurier's remarks, claiming he reacted 'very badly'.

He said: "How did I react? Very badly. Very badly because we can think whatever we think, this is democracy, we are free to think what we think and we can have our own opinions in our country, that's good.

"But two years ago, I committed myself to making that boy come to Paris, and I think seeing what I saw yesterday, that's all the thanks I got. I think that's really pitiful.

"I won't say more because I'm here to talk about the Chelsea game, a very important game, but I think that he should have been preparing today for our last-16 game of the Champions League tomorrow. That would have been better instead of staying home and not knowing what to do.

"That's penalising for him but what I don't accept either is that is also bad for the club. It's also penalising for the club. The player is a big boy, he can do what he wants, and he will handle the consequences but he's penalising the club for the image he gives and the things he said.

"I know many of this new generation of players spend their time feeling sorry and excusing themselves, but I think before excusing yourself you need to think about what to do. You don't need to feel sorry every time."

Sources in France suggest the full-back will receive a hefty fine in excess of £75,000 and has severely damaged his reputation at the club.

PSG host Chelsea tomorrow evening (7.45pm) at the Parc de Princes in the last 16 first leg of the Champions League.
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